Nordic Freelance 2018 is the largest Nordic meet-up for freelancers in media and communication, organized by media unions in the Nordic countries. The conference has been held more or less regularly in different countries since 2010 (when it took place in Stockholm), but this is only the second time for Sweden to host it. We have been able to program and plan it thanks to donations from Malmö City and Stieg Larsson’s Foundation, together with restitutions from Gefvert assurances and funding from Journalistförbundet.

The idea behind the meet-up is to strengthen and encourage professional networking and exchange between freelancers in the Nordic countries.

This year the daytime meet-up is open also for employed journalists and communicators, as well as students, with an interest in the topics covered in the program. But the Dinner party on Saturday is only open for union members.

Planning & ProgrammingAminata Grut, member of the board in Journalistförbundet Frilans Riks & Michael Tapper, project lead.


Nordic Conference for Independent Media Workers